Home: There and Back A tale of Almost a Decade in Switzerland

This site is based on a tale, a tale of an American that chased a dream, moved to Europe and spent eight and a half years traveling europe.

During that time I spent my weekends traveling, seeing almost every far reaching corner of the continent and at the same time traveling for work to the far reaches of Asia.  What an amazing experienece and something I will never forget.

The journey you’ll discover in the blog posts collected here started in the summer of 2006 and ended, or shall I say started a new chapter in October 2014 when my wife and I took the very difficult decision to to return to the U.S. to be a bit closer to family.

If you find yourself considering a move to Switzerland I think you’ll find lots of good information and background about the experience within the site.  Take a few minutes, or if you choose a few days to snoop around and enjoy.

If you are interested in my most recent adventures please check out my photography website at www.opyd.com